Dress Boutique

A boutique is “a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods”. The word is French for “shop”

The term “boutique” entered common English parlance in the late 1960s. In Europe, Avenue Montaigne and Bond Street were the focus of much media attention for having the most fashionable stores of the era.[4]

Some multi-outlet businesses (chains) can be referred to as boutiques if they target small, upscale market niches

Online boutique business has a lot of good sides, like there is no need to pay a high rent or invest in the store or the possibility to manage the store wherever you are, which make retailers to turn more and more towards internet. For the buyers, online shopping represents the possibility to save time as well, since they can order the item and get it delivered in just a few days.

Coming soon – a directory of Dress Boutiques in South Africa